“Darling, I don’t get out of bed for less than…”

Supermodel Linda Evangelista once claimed that she wouldn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000. And that was in October 1990. The quote has followed her around her entire career and when it first hit headlines, it almost cost her career. Almost.

It was confident, a little arrogant, and most likely true. Part of the furore at the time was that it was believed to be tactless and was even described as un-ladylike in the press rolls eyes. Whether you believe it to be tactless and arrogant, or not, what Linda was proclaiming was how she valued herself and how valuable she was.

Setting your prices for your day-rate and services can sometimes feel like trying to solve an ever-changing equation. The variables keep…well, varying. And this pandemic hasn’t exactly helped matters. “Should I reduce my rates because money is tight for people now?” “Competition is so much greater now; I should quote less to make sure I get the work.” Sound familiar?

When you are pricing up your services, you do need to be flexible and adaptable; especially when you feel like you’re floating out to sea in a Council recycling bin on fire, in a storm of Biblical proportions – otherwise known as 2020. But you also need an anchor in a storm. Your anchor should be how you value yourself and how valuable you are to your customers.

This isn’t about equating your value to a set worth; this is about recognising that you should be confident in your value, to have a line in the sand, a ‘I don’t get out of bed for less than…’ price. For example, Linda would not have said $10,000 today, but she would still have a price.

Yes there is a pandemic on and yes, you may have to be more competitive than you’ve had to be in the past, but instead of letting those external variables dictate your value, filter them through the value you add to your client/customer and how valuable you are – your experience, your skills and expertise etc.

But please remember this – it’s not a “I can’t do it for less than…” price. The moment you say that to yourself, you already know you’re devaluing yourself. Wake up and think like Linda – what price are you going to get out of bed for?

Btw, Linda is still one of the most successful models in the world. Just saying.

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