Cara’s clarity, rigour, directness, honesty, persistence and evident interest in the work she undertakes is the thing I enjoy the most about working with her.

I would recommend Cara without hesitation, and I already have! Cara makes sure to get her head around what’s really needed early on in a project, and she’s not afraid to ask difficult questions, she’s timely and always highly professional. Cara genuinely lives up to her pocketknife identity – she has a broad range of very high quality skills.

Ruth, Ruskin in Sheffield

“Cara has been essential and invaluable in helping me move forward with my business. Her attention to detail, commitment and knowledge of how my business works never fails to amaze me and it gives me the confidence and support to move forward.”

Andy, Reyt Good Illustration

I have worked with Cara for a number of years and I can honestly say, the work she did for me turned my business around.

The two main areas I would highlight where she adds incredible value are:
1. Looking at current process, and then working out what processes are required by teasing that information out of you.
She then goes ahead to implement a robust process and documentation to back this up.
2. “Out of the box” thinking on generating new business.

The second point was where I saw a 120% growth in New clients and over 100% increase in revenue from one simple idea. This actually saved my business and would not have been possible without Cara working with me, and really understanding my business and how it works and then coming up with an idea that really engaged my audience.

Ally, Lea Recruitment Consultancy

Cara has helped me so much! I’m a freelance Arts Practitioner and I had never given the time or commitment to running a business, I was always just jumping from one thing to the next. Cara took the time to help me consider my own business as a creative entity and take away all the fear I had about approaching ‘business’ stuff. I can’t thank her enough!

Sarah, Arts Practitioner

Cara has a creative mind but also is meticulous when developing process and documentation. Her passion to “do good” is seen through everything she does, and she genuinely cares about helping.

She knows how to question, and push you to get the very best out of you, and makes this an enjoyable experience.
I would highly recommend Cara to any business, but in particular, the smaller start up’s where you need someone who can produce a good background process for your business, come up with creative ideas for new business, maybe assist with websites, as she is a whizz on word press and creative writing.

Basically, she can throw her hand to a lot of things, but she can take an idea and represent it in a unique way, and that is a rare quality. Thank you Cara, for everything you have done and continue to do.

Alessandra, IMPACT