Creative Copy Support

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This is a new website and I’m still working to transfer all content across. Below is a ‘quick look’ at the Creative Copy Support I provide, if you’d like to know more please email or call 07514 120518


Copywriting can help you:

•Create a unique ‘tone of voice’ and language to grow brand awareness

•Find the inspiring narrative in your project or your history

•Produce engaging content for online, print and social media £50 per hour


Copyediting can help you:

•Tighten and streamline your content to ensure your message is accessible

•Gain a ‘critical friend’ to test out content and message before publication

•Amend inconsistencies and problematic content

£40 per hour

Proofreading can help you:

•Catch all those little content mistakes that are easy to miss

•Identify any spelling, grammar and formatting issues

•Feel confident about your content in the final step before publication

£25 per hour